Do you qualify as a Medical Cannabis Patient?

Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) gives people with illnesses the option to use, carry, and produce cannabis for medical purposes to help manage their symptoms.

We have helped thousands of patients across Canada Acess their medicine safely and legally every year.

If you use, carry or produce cannabis or any other cannabis products for medical purposes we can help you register with Health Canada from the comfort of your home.

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Are you eligible?

You can qualify to posses and produce medical cannabis for personal use if you hace an illness or affliction affecting your quality of life.

There are NO LIMITATIONS on the conditions for which a physician can support access to medical cannabis.

Designated & Commercial production eligibility depends on a series of requirements outlined by Health Canada. We guide & assist you through every stage of the process.

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We assist you with:

  • Possession Licenses (ACMPR)
  • Personal Production Licenses
  • Designated Production Licenses - Craft Growers (ACMPR)
  • Commercial Production Licenses - Become a Licensed Producer
  • Gravel Exemptions
  • Cannabis Education

Patient & HCP Education, Legal Services, Insurance Coverage, Tax Rebates, Veterans, Compassionate pricing, Operation Prcedures, Production Equipment, Site Set-Up & much more!

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For more information, Please consult with one of our Medical professionals at Green Zone Therapy.